Project “VeeamPorter” – Import/Export Jobs across servers

Several times during the past few years I have received feature requests, from Veeam customers and partners, to perform import/export of jobs across Veeam backup servers.

Veeam Backup & Replication already has the very useful Configuration Backup and Restore features, that allow you to easily migrate or recover a Veeam backup server along with all settings, history, catalogs, etc.

But what if you just want to transfer one – or many! – specific jobs along with all settings (source objects selection, credentials, storage and encryption options, application-aware processing…)?

So last summer, for fun and learning, I started working on a Powershell script to do just that. The name? Well, being a craft beer aficionado, I almost instantly came up with VeeamPorter, combining technology with one of my favourite beer styles 🙂

You can find the script and a ReadMe file with instructions on VeeamHub – the community space for Veeam-related scripts and resources.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a developer or a Powershell expert… so don’t expect anything spectacular.

The code is pretty basic (you could even say crude…) but it gets the job done. There are a few limitations listed in the ReadMe file: for example, only vSphere environments and only backup jobs are supported for now. In future versions – time allowing – I would like to add more features such as Hyper-V and Replication jobs support. In addition, I would like to add a file-based (XML probably) import/export functionality so that you are not required to have both source and target backup servers online.

In the meantime… cheers! And as usual, your feedback is very welcome.

2 thoughts on “Project “VeeamPorter” – Import/Export Jobs across servers

  1. Tony

    This is a fantastic script. I have just successfully used it on Veeam V11. Thank you for th eresoauce.

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