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Foto_DaniloChiavari_400I am an IT systems engineer – currently a presales engineer, more specifically. My main areas of interest are virtualization, backup, disaster recovery and storage.

I am based in Rome and I currently work for Veeam Software.

I was born in 1981 and since I was a child, I have always been very passionate about technology, especially about computers. I grew up with a Commodore 64 and later an Amiga 500… good times!

Later on I had my first PC, an IBM 8086 machine running MS-DOS 5.0. An era had begun for me! From there, I continued my journey through several DOS versions and eventually Windows, starting from Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.

I started fixing friends’ and relatives’ PCs in the late ’90s, then came my first “real” job as a PC / office equipment technician for a small local company. In the meantime I was attending university for a degree in Electronics Engineering, that I have obtained in 2007.  Shortly after completing the studies I joined a company specialized in fiber optics and telecommunication plants, the subjects I had developed my thesis upon.

After only 5-6 months, a position opened for an IT engineer at one of the child companies of my former employer and I was asked if I wanted to take the role. So, back in IT! From 2008 until 2012 I worked as a “Project Engineer”, a role that combines pre/post sales engineering, project management and infrastructure design. In that company we mostly designed and implemented Wintel platforms, with a focus in backup, disaster recovery and virtualization as well.

In February 2012 I joined Veeam, for which I take care of technical sales, webinars and a couple bazillion of other things 🙂 mainly for Centre & South Italy. Since January 2015 I am the Team Leader of Systems Engineers for Italy.

I got married in 2009 and I have three children: one born in 2009, one in 2013 and another one in 2015.

I’m also a big music fan and an amateur poly-instrumentalist. I’m fairly eclectic about music, but my favourite genres are Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Fusion and Jazz.

My “main” instrument is the guitar (meaning the instrument I suck the least at…) but I occasionally play bass, drums or keyboards. I also studied flute in my school years. I currently play in a band called Kerigma (website in italian).

Oh, I’m also a fan of craft beers. I generally track the beers I drink and my comments about them with Untappd.

Should you want/need to, you can reach me at danilo.chiavari [_at_] gmail.com




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