Joining the Italian VMUG Board!

For my last post of 2016, I know this is technically “old news” already, but I’m very happy to report that I’ve been asked to join the Italian VMUG board! (And of course, I accepted!)

VMUGIT leaders are all well known IT professionals with many years of experience in the field, most of them are also bloggers. In the last few years I got to know many members of the board and I must say, part of the reason I joined is the great people I was going to work with.

I’ve always believed that “networking” among peers, in IT but also in general, is a great chance to gain knowledge and challenge your technical habits and assumptions. If this lets you know cool people and also have fun in the process, you have a good recipe for success!

The virtualization community that has grown around VMware technologies for many years now has always been one of the more active, with several free events (hands-on meetings, conferences…) organized every year. I’ve learned quite a few things participating in such events.

With this in mind, in the past few years I gladly volunteered to help organizing some local meetings in Rome and Naples, also pushing internally to have the vendor I work for sponsor such events. In 2013 we also had our very first vBeer in Rome, an experience I’d like to repeat soon.

So, it is with real pleasure that I’m joining the VMUGIT gang, hoping to make my part in bringing you some cool initiatives in the future!


Stay tuned… and Happy Holidays!

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